Moving on up

Life feels so crazy right now. I’m a fluster of emotions. Today marks me being in San Luis Obispo, California for one year straight. I truly didn’t know what the fuck I’d be doing at this time a year ago. I was just a Missouri boy looking for some uncertainty and a change of scenery. I’m such an emotional mess right now because I’ve decided to leave SLO to make the move up to San Francisco. I saw a position at Verve Coffee Roasters’ upcoming SF café, and I knew that I would hate myself if I didn’t apply. Well I got it. My head is filled with excitement, sadness, guilt, and fear.

In the year that I’ve been here, I’ve seen more of California than most of my friends from here have seen, made some of the best friends I could have imagined, learned more about coffee than I thought I ever would, and picked up tons of dope hobbies. I’ve only been here for twelve months, but I feel like it’s been twelve years. I walk down the street and see at least three people I know. SLO has become the best home I’ve known so far.

Words don’t come close to adequately describing how stoked I am about this. I fell in love with San Francisco when I first visited back in 2012. I can’t explain why I feel the way I do about the city. It’s been the dream to live in SF since my first visit. Stop fucking telling me it’s expensive and foggy and dangerous and cold. It’s also probably the most geographically beautiful city in the country. The weather is perfect. The food is the best. The people are the coolest. Shit is gonna be “hyphy” as the locals say, I think.

With all good things, there’s always a tradeoff. I have to say goodbye to the some of the best people I know. No more perfect sunny weather year round. Hello traffic. Hello long commutes. Hello being broke as fuck. But it’s cool, I’m cool with it. I see it as a challenge, a welcome one at that. These last few months I’ve felt pretty stagnant, and I think this is just what I need.

Thank you to my friends and family here in SLO that have taken me in as one of their own. Thank you to my friends and family back home that have visited me here in California. Thank you Scout Coffee Co. for taking a chance on this Missouri boy and teaching me about coffee. Thank you Verve Coffee Roasters for the opportunity. And thank you to my future baby mama that I’m gonna meet in San Francisco.

Cheers to the next adventure. Cheers to growing. Cheers to making coffee in a new city. Cheers to another year in California. Talk soon.